3.5 hr

charging time

25 km/h

pedal support

60 km


14.5 kg

















Designed with style, made for speed

When taking a Voltus anywhere you are sure to be there first, and to look your best. Our bikes ensure a maximization of comfort, while not losing any mobility. 

A slender and light frame, built for speed

The frame of a Voltus Bike ensures smooth travel, agility and easy manoeuvrability. Pass by all obstacles on your way to your destination, and always be on time. 

Integrated battery and USB port

The battery and electric motor of a Voltus Bike are seamlessly integrated into the frame not to hinder the superb design.  As an additional bonus, the Voltus Pulse comes equipped with a USB port to charge whatever device is in need. 

All the information you need at your fingertips

Voltus Bikes are equipped with a small operating computer which ensures to let you know how many km you have driven, your speed and your current battery life. It also enables you to change the speed to your liking. 

The collection




























A bicycle that fits you

Choose a model and colour that fits your lifestyle. There is a Voltus Bike for everyone and we made sure to give you the option of choosing the bike that suits you. 


There is a certain beauty to be found in discretion and subtlety, and we at Voltus Bikes aim to fully embrace this feeling. That is why our bikes come equipped with a full-fledged Samsung battery, which rests within the frame of the bike in order for it to not meddle with the superb design.

Here at Voltus we strive to bring something special to the table for anyone. The busy commuter, the adrenaline seeker and the race fanatic. Anyone willing to make the change to ecological means of travel will find a design to their liking.

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